Our 155,000 sq. ft. facility with more than 20 production lines is centrally located in beautiful Orange, Virginia. Shipping to all parts of the U.S. is easily accomplished. The recent addition of Zamma Europe, NV has opened distribution to the European Union and beyond. Profile tooling is completed in-house and Zamma continues to vertically integrate critical aspects of productions. In addition to creating our own tooling we roll-form steel to produce a highly durable metal track system which accompanies each piece of transition molding. Early 1st quarter 2006, Zamma will unveil a state-of-the art laminate paper treatment facility located in a 60,000 facility adjacent to the current manufacturing building in Orange, VA. This plant is the first of its kind in North America. Printing and applying labels in-line, including color numbers, UPC codes, and customized logos is part of our process which drastically increases throughput and translates to fast turnaround of custom ordered product. Consistently the finest in profile moulded MDF, natural wood and wood veneer, Zamma manages the entire manufacturing process. You can count on Zamma to manufacture to your specifications with consistency and quality.

An Eye To The Future
Zamma continues its sales growth and productivity improvements, achieving better results year after year. Through our re-engineering efforts, we have streamlined processes, eliminated functions, and combined assignments. These accomplishments are a tribute to the dedication and adaptability of our associates, who use their creativity to find more efficient methods to produce the custom profile moulded products that are widely recognized as the best in the industry. Investing in the future with world-class facilities and equipment. The roll-paper treatment facility is an example of a critical upstream production component that leads to reduced time depending on outside vendors for one of the most important raw materials for our laminate transition moulding franchise.While the future is filled with challenges of the global economy, Zamma has the resources needed -- including the latest manufacturing equipment and facilities -- to meet our customers' requirements today and far into the future!

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