Today, Zamma Corporation is the largest manufacturer of transition profiles for the laminate and wood floor market. Our transition profiles are top of line in quality because we have the highest standards in the industry. Our transitions have the same or better resistance to abrasion than the wood or laminate floors they border. We also produce profiles for the furniture, store fixture and picture frame markets. Zamma was recently awarded a manufacturing contract to produce a highly detailed component for one of the largest luxury automobile manufacturers in the world.

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FLOOR TRANSITIONS Over the past 10 years, Zamma has become the largest producer of floor transitions in North America.

Engineered for compatibility with virtually every flooring manufacturer, Zamma floor components feature easy-install hardware to ensure speedy and secure installation.

Laminate mouldings are produced with the absolute finest laminate papers in the world - saturated and treated with aluminum oxide layers that give the transition pieces equal or greater abrasion resistance than the floors they border. Moisture resistant Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and moisture resistant adhesives ensure that the mouldings and transitions will have a long wear life.

Wood mouldings are made from the finest wood veneer laminated on both MDF and poplar substrates. Significantly less expensive than solid wood, these mouldings also promote environmental responsibility. They are more consistent in color than their solid wood counterparts.

We offer mouldings, transitions and accessory pieces for all styles and thickness floorings in both laminate and hardwood applications. With over 450 color styles (wood grains and ceramic tones) and growing every month, no other moulding manufacturer can get you a more professionally finished looking floor.

Zamma produces all the necessary mouldings and transitions used to complete laminate, hardwood, bamboo and other floor projects.

We mould and wrap MDF (medium density fiberboard), poplar, aluminum, pvc and other substrates with laminate papers, wood veneers, cork, foil and other decorative products.

Our expertise in this market has made Zamma the choice for floor manufacturers, component distributors and large retailers. Click the links below for more information:

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Floor Transition Products:
With over 500 colors, Zamma has coordinating color matches for nearly all manufacturers' floor designs.
  • Baseboard: Where the wall meets the floor surface - baseboards are used in nearly every floor installation project. Available in several designs and heights.


  • Quarter Round: Used to accent the transition from baseboard to floor surface - especially in retrofitted floors where the baseboard typically is not removed - the quarter round covers the gap between the floor and the baseboard.


  • T-Moulding: Used to transition two floors of the same height. Typically between rooms or in entryways.


  • Reducers and End Moulds: Used to transition floors of unequal heights. From wood / laminate floors to carpet, vinyl or tile.


  • Stair Nosing: Stair Nosing is used to provide the finished look to stair risers. We produce both overlap (pictures) and flush fitting stairnose transitions.


  • End Moulding: End Moulding finishes the edge between laminate floor and carpet, fireplace hearths and at exterior doorways.

      end molding   
Our mouldings are available in a wide variety of thicknesses that correspond to all types of styles and installation options available to the consumer. Click pattern, glued, nailed, flush fitting are all represented in Zamma's product offering.

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Zamma's pre-finished 'Imperial Oak' has many advantages to solid oak cannot offer. It is less expensive than solid wood and easier to cut and nail. Since it is an engineered product, it has many more reproducible qualities than inherently unstable hardwood - plus it is friendly to our environment utilizing recycled materials.

Zamma's pre-finished mouldings add the appearance of handstained wood at an affordable price.
  • Colonial Casing: Zamma casings for windows and doors are available in two styles to finish off the areas around doors and windows
  • Colonial Baseboard: A perfect way to accent the transition from floors to walls, baseboards from Zamma are available in many different sizes and styles.
  • Chair Rail: Typically applied one third of the distance from floor to ceiling, chair rails give a room a more finished look.
  • Crown Moulding: An excellent accent to any room, crown moulding is applied where the wall meets the ceiling. This profile can be built up with bases or casings to increase the size of the moulding.

Zamma's pre-finished mouldings for the home are an excellent choice over solid wood mouldings. Environmentally friendly due to the construction from MDF wrapped with the highest quality laminate papers, these mouldings are also more consistent in color, quality and size.

They will not warp or twist and they are available in many styles that will enhance the beauty of any home. Mouldings are available for ceilings, walls, windows, doors and floors.

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Zamma's pre-finished mouldings for the furniture component market are the choice of many furniture component manufacturers who do not have this manufacturing capability.

Zamma's ability to produce to manufacturer specified drawings allow OEMs to concentrate on the high volume components used in their production process.

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Like furniture manufacturers, store fixture manufacturers choose Zamma for the moulded components that complete their products.

Zamma is one of the largest manufacturers of wrapped MDF mouldings in North America. Our experience in producing MDF mouldings goes back 30 years when we were part of the revolution in the furniture industry that began to seriously address the need for sustainable natural resources like MDF.

Since then we have gone on to produce high volumes of wrapped MDF mouldings in a variety of shapes and finishes for many different applications. Our furniture mouldings include:
  • Cornice Mouldings
  • Light Pelmet
  • Door Frames
  • Worktop Edging
  • Pilasters
Furniture manufacturers turn to Zamma for profile wrapped components to use in their manufacturing process. Because of Zamma's expertise and quality, it makes sense for furniture manufacturers to outsource these furniture parts:
  • Wrapping Material
  • Extensive selection of PVC foils
  • Large variety of paper foils
  • Wide range of Veneers
Unlike household furniture applications, store fixture applications must withstand an enormous amount of wear and tear. Like many of Zamma's other pre-finished moulded and wrapped profiles, those used in store fixture manufacturing are constructed from a variety of materials. Typical applications include:
  • Store fixtures and case goods
  • Exhibits and displays
  • Partitions, doors, and panels
  • Wood and steel furniture
  • Virtually any laminated product or surface in high-traffic commercial, institutional, and public building interiors
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Like Furniture and Store Fixture Component Manufactures, Zamma produces profile wrapped mouldings unique to the kitchen and bath cabinet and vanity marketplace.

Our construction with moisture resistant MDF and adhesives is particularly beneficial in these application due to the frequency spills and usage of cleaners with water.

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A huge selection of artistic color profile wrapped mouldings offer picture frame manufacturers an excellent outsourcing option.

Our consistency in color, shape and size are the main reasons picture frame manufacturers and picture frame component distributors choose Zamma for mouldings.

Our full time design staff is constantly developing new designs and finishes.

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A very recent new endeavor for Zamma, this important new market is an example of the high quality capabilities of the company. The automotive industry is one of the most demanding with regard to quality, on-time delivery and documentation standards. With this industry segment entry, Zamma is embarking upon ISO Certification that will be completed in 2006.

Profile wrapped components are used in many automotive applications. Zamma has become the choice for automotive manufacturers because of the consistency and control in the manufacturing process.

Zamma is in the process of gaining certification in manufacturing quality and control standards. Once these certifications are completed, Zamma will continue to grow and become a leader in the automotive component market.

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